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There will be dungeon and raid leader boards.[1]

Guild ladder

An inter-guild ladder will rank guilds based on their performance within Guerras Guild and Cercos do castelo.[3]

When the guild participates in guild wars or they participate in sieges, you'll be able to climb the ranks of your inter-guild ladder as well so you get bragging rights amongst your friends.[3]Steven Sharif

Arena ladder

There will be an arena ladder system.[4]

  • Rewards for arena ladders will be revealed at a later time.[5]
  • Titles can be received from arena play.[6]
  • Arena points that can be used to buy gear are not currently in the design.[6]

PvP seasons

Performance in various Pvp systems (such as Caravanas, Arenas, Guerras Guild) is measured over the course of 6 month PvP seasons. At the end of each season, a player's cumulative score may unlock various rewards.[7]


Ashes of Creation gathers tracking data to facilitate achievements, titles and other accolades on a server.[8]

  • Number of successful siege defenses.[8]
  • Number of successful siege assaults.[8]
  • Number of Pvp kills.[8]
  • Raid participation points.[8]
  • Number of firsts.[8]

Visibility of those types of things on the server help to promote a competitive atmosphere. If there is an attainable impression that you can work towards, so that others know your success, you have more drive to succeed.[8]Steven Sharif

Trophy park =

O Parque de Conquistas é uma área dentro de uma Município, uma Cidade ou uma Metrópole que tem um espaço reservado para troféus. Esses troféus mostram o nome de perosnagem dos primeiros jogadores a matarem chefes mundiais e de masmorra que aparecem em decorrência do desenvolvimento daquela base em particular.[9]

  • Anúncios no servidor e conquistas foram feitas para encorajar grupos a experimentarem novos conteúdos.[9]

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