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Ashes of Creation map.[1] The circles on the map are divine gateways that are located in the ruined cities of the four great races of Verra. The diamonds are the starting settlements for the returning races.[2]

If you have tuned into our live streams and update videos, you may have caught glimpses of Verra. The world is very large and meant to hold around 10,000 concurrent players. With elaborate trade routes and sea-play, the Verran landscapes must provide complex obstacles and intricate passages between its regions. Alpha One will be the first test phase in the actual world map of Verra. For the first time ever, our community will step foot on the world we hope you'll call home.[1]Steven Sharif

The original Ashes map from my pathfinder world of Ashes made 10 years ago. Obviously some adjustments had to be made for the mmorpg. But the main two continents and their points of interest have a lot of the same.[3]Steven Sharif

The world of Verra features an in-game viewable world map. This map is not randomly generated, and begins covered in a fog of war.[4] Players will not be able to see the world until they have explored it or gathered information about it. The world is also full of imperfect information, which will require the player to act on it for verification.[5]

For example, you may hear a rumor in a tavern that tells you the location of a cave full of weak Kobolds, but this was not accurate as the rumor was started by well-equipped bandits in order to waylay overconfident adventurers.[5]

When information is gathered, or the player has successfully explored an area, points of interest are marked on the map.[6]

  • These points of interest are determined by Progressão de base; and not every server will share the same map, as player decisions will vary server to server.[6]

In addition to node progression being a factor on map generation, zones in Ashes of Creation will cater to all levels.[7]

The map will have geographical choke points (such as Mountains) that are not traversable by players.[8]

Even though we're an open-world that doesn't mean that from a design perspective, especially with the way our economic systems work, that we will want to create Geographic choke points.[8]Steven Sharif

Alpha island

Map of Alpha-1 testing zone.[9][10] Image credit: Axiom: Angelcry

The Alpha One map including nodes, dungeons, quest givers, POI, teleporters, and camps will be explorable! Note that this is only a small portion of the world of Verra.[11]

Alpha-1 testing tropical zone featuring a war beast and a tribe of pigmy goblins.[12]

This is a rather large tropical area; and what we use some of the creatures for is kind of like establishing character for different parts of this tropical place. So that even though it's the same biome, it feels different when you are going from place to place based on what's there and how those things are interacting with the environment.[13]Jeffrey Bard

Alpha-1 testing takes place in a zone to the north west of the world map.[14] This zone has many islands and a mainland area.[15]


The name of the Ashes of Creation world is Verra.[24]

Verra was created to house four separate... divine races and they're called divine races because the remaining seven gods imbued their characteristics within each of these different races. They didn't put all of them into one and make the same mistake. They had focuses really that these races took essentially.[25]Steven Sharif

Shape of Verra

The world of Verra is not flat,[26] but it cannot be circumnavigated.[27]

The Verran planet is not flat. You may not see a curvature on the horizon in this, but from a lore perspective the universe in Verra does adhere to some basic physics and laws of physics that we experience in the real world, which means it is not flat.[26]Steven Sharif
There will not be world wrapping in Ashes of Creation.[27]Steven Sharif

World size

480 km2 (square kilometers) is the approximate world size at launch.[28] This includes water and land content.[29]

  • Water area is considered playable area, but the exact area of land versus water is not known at this time.[30]

I don't know the exact the exact amount that is land versus water but the water is playable area as well and it's gonna have content...[30]Steven Sharif

480 square kilometers; which is pretty large comparatively to other MMORPGs out there. Now that does not include the lapped spaces: So that is the Underrealm and the portion of the world that it encompasses, which could probably easily take up an additional hundredish square kilometers I would imagine.[31]Steven Sharif

  • It is anticipated that a mounted player can traverse the entire map in a matter of hours.[32]

The Alpha One map will be many islands and mainland area, roughly 100sqkm.[15]Steven Sharif


Existirão 103 locais regulares de Bases no lançamento, com 15 Bases de castelo adicionais (5 castelos x 3 bases de castelo para cada um)[36][37][38], somando 118 bases.[39][40]

Economic regions

We want our players to have a reason to explore the wilderness, to travel with purpose, and much of that will be driven by our resource system. Transporting these goods might just be more difficult than gathering them. Our regional market system allows players to participate in creating pocket economies that will reinforce the stability of goods in particular regions. Players will be able to move resources and set up shop in other areas to take advantage of the varied markets. With resources spawning dynamically, certain regions will naturally become important trading hubs for the transportation of goods throughout the world.[41]

Economic regions are static areas defined by geographic points of interest.[42][43]

  • Castle regions are larger and encompass multiple economic regions.[42]
  • Bases are the glue that hold castle and economic regions together in potential synergy or chaos.[44]
    • Node ZOIs are fluid and change their area based on the progression of the node and its neighbors.[42]
  • Castle regions, Economic regions, and Node ZOI (Zones of Influence) can overlap.[45]

The whole map would be under the influence of 1 of 5 castle regions. However, castle regions aren't the only TYPE of region - there are also economic regions, among other things.[43]Sarah Flanagan

Castle regions

Castles have direct power over the Nodes that belong to it, but also have soft power across the entire region it belongs to. All Nodes belonging to that region pay fealty to the Castle in the form of taxes paid directly to the Castle. The Monarch sets the rate, and can use those proceeds to upgrade defenses, maintain the Castle’s direct Nodes, or provide buffs and benefits to the citizens of that region, as the magnanimous ruler that you are.[36]

Castelos da guilda influence a castle region around them.[46]

Castelos da guilda impose a tax on all revenue for the nodes within its region.[50][51]

Castles have the ability to allocate taxes collected from nodes under them toward certain benefits that go back to the node. Or they can be more selfishly governed that treasury more towards the guild that owns it and that obviously is going to have some political implications, because it could- if you're not using it for the benefit of the people in the region they might rise up and help take you out from that that position of owning that castle.[50]Steven Sharif


Alpha-1 early preview roading.[58]

Our road system in-game is essentially driven by pre-placed routes that lead to this main artery of what was once the ancient highway system of Verra; and from there there are roads that become exposed when nodes advance; and we call those veins. They come off the main artery and then as nodes advance there are points of interest as Jeff was discussing earlier. These POIs that exist around the world and some of them share coverage with multiple nodes, but depending on which node advances to the stage that activates the point of interest it'll create these capillary roads so to speak that then stem off of the node itself. So you go from the main artery ancient road that's large- that kind of runs through different zones and whatnot- and that breaks down into the veins that lead to the specific encampments and villages and towns that then spawn off separate capillaries that lead to the points of interest in these areas that are hunting grounds. Those are not exposed initially and they come online as players advance the world.[59]Steven Sharif

Roads in Verra are both pre-generated and player influenced.[59]

  • The largest roads are referred to as arteries. These are remnants of what was once the ancient highway system of Verra.[59]
  • As nodes advance smaller roads, referred to as veins, connect the arteries to the nodes.[59]
    • Roads will upgrade as nodes advance. Different roads will dictate the speed and type of caravan required (off road vs on road).[60]
  • Depending on the stages of node advancement, capillary roads will stem off the node to connect to points of interest.[59]
  • Roads or pathways are not worn into the landscape by repeated traffic over the same area.[59]

Different seasons and events may affect access to various roads.[61][62][63]

  • Pathways that are open during summer may be closed during winter.[63]
  • Seasonal affects may cause obstacles or blockages to the transit of goods via caravan.[61][62][64]
    • Some events may cause specific roadways to be blocked off.[61]
    • Obstacles may present barriers on roads that players must remove to allow transit of goods.[63]
  • Water turning to ice in winter, enabling players to walk over the water but blocking access to what is underneath.[63]
    • Ice will make roads bumpy and slippery.[65]

Underrealm routes will open or close dynamically (based on node states).[66]

Propriedades may not be placed in close proximity to roads.[67]

Pontos de interesse

Alpha-1 preview pirate themed dynamic point of interest.[68]

This is actually a dynamic POI. This one will evolve as players evolve the node that it's attached to. So this is kind of its final state.[68]Jeffrey Bard

Alpha-1 preview pirate themed dynamic point of interest flythrough.[68]

One of the core functions of these points of interest across the world is that dynamic level up. As the world grows, these points of interest grow: Additional buildings will spawn, additional monsters and leaders, and quest hooks. All of these things start to grow with the world.[68]Steven Sharif

New points of interest (such as dungeons, world bosses, and corrupted areas) spawn as nodes develop.[69][70] This content adapts to the node progression of the zone it is in.[68][71]

Certain dungeons and other points of interest across the map will all be affected by the server’s node development. Some dungeons will only be unlocked if nodes are developed to certain stages. The storyline objectives for players inside dungeons will also be dependent on the story arc paths chosen through the node system. The drop tables in area and dungeons will also be tied into the progression of certain areas. For example, let’s say that the humans have developed a node in Region A, and a storyline has opened up that leads players to inspect the ruins (dungeon) of a nearby area. And let’s say that this node was developed in a scientific (crafting) zone… Well before the node developed, this dungeon was accessible… But now the dungeon has propagated new monster assets that include a drop table catering to a crafting emphasis because of the development of that scientific node. And perhaps, a new boss appears in different rooms of the dungeon that includes different adventure quest starts, like a mysterious item with a storyline that can only be progressed if a node develops to the metropolis stage in a certain region, across the world. Our system is so vast, when it comes to interconnectivity and how the world reacts to the players.[6]

Dungeon locations

Masmorras and other points of interest are located throughout the map in-between the 103 node locations.[72]

Corrupted areas

Work-in-progress Alpha-1 preview corrupted area on Alpha island by Mia DelCasino.[69]

How the world kind of reacts and changes to the nodes, you see these intrusions of corruption beginning to pervert and infest the lands; and these are obviously going to be sources by which NPC events are driven based on player progression within the world. And these sources of evil need to be addressed by the players, or else they'll grow out of hand.[73]Steven Sharif

All of our POIs and kind of just the world in general can react to the node- we don't have to but we can- and this is one of those places where as civilization grows this will grow kind of in contest with it.[69]Jeffrey Bard

Corrupted areas (zones/points of interest) can dynamically evolve with the progression of nodes.[73][69]

  • These are sources of NPC events that players need to address before they grow out of hand.[74][73]
  • There are events that lead to the spreading of corruption that players will have to fight back against. When these events that occur players will need to participate to keep the intrusion on the material plane back.[75]
  • Harbingers that exist on Verra as dungeons are where The Ancients are capable of pushing into the material plane. They can continue to do so under the guise of the effects of corruption as it spreads.[75]
  • Corrupted areas do not confer corruption onto a player.[76]

There are certain things that can happen, such as the spawning of dragons or hordes of zombies that are going to come out and attack those installations, those nodes, those points of interest; and... communities that don't respond to those in an effective way might see the disabling of certain services, the reduction of certain quest lines for particular organizations. The idea is to keep this as part of a believable living response from world, so those can get pretty significant the bad effects that can happen for the community.[74]Steven Sharif


200 foot tall Pyrian statues in Alpha-1.[77]

Landmarks are scattered throughout the world, allowing players to judge their position on the map.[77]

From a lore perspective these statues have been around for a long time; and they are representative of the civilizations that existed once on this world before.[77]Steven Sharif

Major visual landmarks. You can look all the way across the horizon have an idea where you're going or where to meet friends or where to meet just based on these huge landmarks in the world.[77]Mat Broome

Procedural generation

Verra will not be randomly generated, but the starting resource points may be different on each server.[78]

Resource locations

Players will be able to move resources and set up shop in other areas to take advantage of the varied markets. With resources spawning dynamically, certain regions will naturally become important trading hubs for the transportation of goods throughout the world.[41]

Mini map

There is an in-game mini map and compass user interface in Alpha-1.[80][81]

  • The goal is to allow pings and other forms of communication tools via the mini-map.[82]

Battle maps

Battle maps allow players to strategize, gain bonuses on planned attacks, and see the blueprints of attackable points. Whether attacking a node or castle, players will be able to discern defenses, analyze possible weak points and gain tactical advantages before the battle begins.[5]

  • Battle maps might not fit into lower level or smaller sized taverns.
  • Battle maps are not currently on the official roadmap for launch.[83]


Battle maps offer an interactive command map instead of the standard World map. The system would be accessed through City hall or battle planning center. Battle maps work similar to a Risk board, with the node siege map laid out with moveable pieces that would represent defenses. Moving pieces would create buff zones that would give active siege players access to special items or perks. The map does not show the currently active battle: pieces will have to be moved before the battle commences. The idea is to make sieges more strategic and avoid simple zerg tactics.[83]

Bounty hunter maps

Jogadores com uma pontuação muito alta de corrupção ficarão visiveis no mapa assim como no mini-mapa. Esses jogadores irão ser marcados no mapa por um NPC em um node militar de nivel 4 (aldeia), que só sera obtido por jogadores com o título de caçadores de recompensa.[84] A precisão dos mapas dos caçadores de recompensa é determinada pela progressão do jogador no sistema de caçador de recompensa.[85]

As Tavernas são um dos locais onde as recompensas são exibidas. A medida que os jogadores ganham corrupção, as tavernas poderão oferecer recompensas para eliminar esses jogadores; ou ter uma area livre de problemas entre jogadores, dando assim um POI (ponto de interesse) ao mapa.[5]

Bounty hunter Pathfinding ability

Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Pathfinding Reveals corrupted player locations on the bounty hunter's map.[86][87] Activating this ability will flag the bounty hunter for combat only to corrupted players for a period of one hour from the time of activation.[86] The pathfinding ability can be toggled on or off.[86][88] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[85] The accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player's progression in the bounty hunter system.[85]

Starting areas

Alpha-1 early preview starting area.[89]

There is no railroaded driven theme park experience here. You will have the opportunity to create your own destiny in that regard, which means you don't have to necessarily follow the quest line nor do you have to participate in events or experiences around the starting area. Now it may be more beneficial to do that; and in that regard I guess there could be a meta around doing that, but you could branch out proceed to other areas and do different content.[90]Steven Sharif

Starting areas (starting zones) are located in the ruined cities of the four ancient races of Verra.[2]

  • Starting areas include expeditionary NPC settlements that serve as initial quest origination points.[91] Lore-wise, these settlements represent scouts that were sent ahead of the main expedition back to Verra.[97]
    • These settlements are designed to acclimatize new players entering the world.[97]
    • While it may be advantageous to do so, there is no requirement for players to play through any specific starter zone content.[90]

A problem that a lot of MMOs have is that those starting areas become just kind of vacant of players and it's so sad because the greatest aspect of an MMO is that community that you get to experience, so one of the great things about the node system is that it really works from new player acquisition standpoint, where these nodes tend to develop larger near the starting location areas around the world; and it brings these players back to those locations if they're citizens and want services within those cities. So, as new players enter the world they're going to actually be surrounded most likely by more population because people are coming back to those larger nodes.[98]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 starting area

Alpha-1 alpha island starting area.[99]

There's been some significant lighting changes here in this area. There's been some work on the foliage, on the trees that are available, toned down some of the ruins, rearranged some of the tents and it's starting to look pretty good.[99]Steven Sharif

The Alpha-1 starting area is set in the ruins of a Pyrian divine gateway to the south of alpha island.[16]

Divine gateways

Empyrean divine gateway concept art.

When you play the MMORPG you're going to be stepping through what are called these divine gateways from a planet called Sanctus and Sanctus was really a safe haven that was forethought by the Goddess of Fate and Creation as a sanctuary to provide the people of Verra who could survive the fall, the apocalypse, the exodus essentially.[25]Steven Sharif

Divine gateways are portals located in the ruined cities of the four ancient races of Verra.[2]

Where players start, they enter this portal from another world called Sanctus. Sanctus is a place of no magic, low technology; and players are the first expeditioners that are coming through this portal into the world of Verra.[101]Jeffrey Bard

Zones of influence

Bases se situam em locais predefinidos, envolvidos em uma zona de influência (ZOI).[102]

Toda Base tem o alcance sob uma área geográfica predefinida, chamada Zona de Influência (ZOI). Não importa onde você vá no mundo, ou o que esteja fazendo - missões, coleta, raidando - você estará ajudando a determinar que bases se desenvolvem, e que Zonas de Influência se expandirão. Qualquer área que uma Base controle é considerada sua Zona de Influência, incluindo Bases Vassalas. Todas as Bases Vassalas existem dentro da Zona de Influência de sua Base Dominante.[39]Margaret Krohn

Toda base controla uma área geográfica predefinida chamada de Zona de Influência (ZOI). A atividade de jogadores dentro da ZOI é levada em consideração e conta para a evolução de uma determinada base.[102]

Toda Base pode se tornar uma cidade, mas é limitada por seus vizinhos. Bases tem níveis diferentes de evolução, e a quantidade de bases que pode existir em cada nível é limitada. Imagine que isso é porque bases mais avançadas precisam de espaço. Bases abrangem uma área maior à mediad que crescem, e precisarão de mais esforço para se sustentarem. Esse sistema é a principal influência da mudança no mundo pois cria uma escassez de recursos. À medida que as Bases avançam em seus estágios de crescimento, impedirão que Bases vizinhas progridam, e dominarão suas zonas de influência.[102]

Ao participar de atividades conhecidas, como missões, coleta e raids, jogadores têm controle para determinar quais bases no mundo se desenvolverão.[103]

O que mais nos diferencia de outros MMOs é que temos um mundo vivo, que respira e reage às ações dos jogadores... Nosso mundo é separado em zonas, que são então separadas no que chamamos de bases. Bases são como zonas de influência invisiveis que percebem tudo que um jogador faz; então à medida que os jogadores ganham experiência matando coisas, fazendo missões, criando itens, etc, a base também ganha experiência. Quando uma base ganha experiência o suficiente, ela evolui e começa a atrair PNJs para si.[104]Jeffrey Bard

Até um quinto do mundo estará envolvido na ZOI de uma Metrópole. As diversas bases vassalas dentro dos "limites" de uma ZOI podem acabar parecendo um país ou uma nação.[105]

Zonas de influência se conectam completamente pelo mundo sem deixar espaços vazios.[106]

Não existe um lugar onde você faça algo que não esteja beneficiando uma base.[106]Steven Sharif

Zonas e progressão

Masmorras, Raids, Chefes mundiais, Mobs, Missões, Eventos, Recursos, Narrativas e outros conteúdos dentro da ZOI de uma bases terão uma variedade de níveis diversa, mas escalarão com o estágio daquela base e com sua influência racial.[107][7][39]

Não temos uma zona exclusiva do nível 25. Em vez disso, uma certa zona pode ter algumas criaturas níveis 10 próximas da estrada, outras criaturas nível 20 dentro da floresta, e ainda outras níveis 30 nas montanhas. Essa escala vai mudar de acordo com as Bases próximas, e no geral a escala fica mais perigoda à medida que a Base evolui. Toda essa civilização atrai a atenção de Coisas-Que-Não-Deveriam-Existir. Isso não quer dizer que regiões selvagens sejam seguras. Talves sejam menos perigosas, mas em todo lugar haverão perigos até para os aventureiros mais experientes.[108]Steven Sharif

Coastal nodes

Pre-alpha naval concept.[109]

There will be nodes along the coast and on islands.[110]

  • These nodes will have specific water oriented influences and abilities, services, questlines, that relate to the seas.[110]
  • Coastal nodes change the spawn tables of the nearby water content and can also trigger specific events.[111]
  • Harbors in coastal nodes will have quest lines that relate to the ocean and nearby islands.[111]
  • It may be possible to siege a coastal city by sea.[112]

Island chains are part of Ashes of Creation naval content.[113][114]

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse map

Forest of Erinthia map

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale Forest of Erinthia map locations.[115]

  • Breakwater Quarry
  • Chillmouth Outpost
  • Coldwind Township
  • Dream Spire
  • Erinthia's Shame
  • Glimmerbrook
  • Hallowed Vale
  • Icebound Lookout
  • Icecap Thicket
  • The Spirit Vault
  • Winstead

Original map

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse battle royale locations.[116]

  • Brighthold
  • City of Alerynn
  • City of Gant
  • Creation's Rest
  • Crystal Canyons
  • Farstrider Outpost
  • Fionne Vale
  • Fort Ryll
  • Harbinger
  • Karthmere Keep
  • La'sai Village
  • Nyliann Academy
  • Rotweald Forest
  • Sa'kaan Fens
  • Sky Mesa
  • Spire of Eremus
  • Stoneharbor
  • Town of Grimsale
  • Town of Valenn
  • Underrealm


Some environments (Biomes) have fixed climates and others are variable.[118]

  • There will be dynamic weather that varies in intensity.[120]
    • For example: Drizzle to/from storm, or Blizzard to/from snow.

There are climate effects that occur from a buff standpoint. They can also affect skills like, let's say you're using a frost bolt in a winter climate. There's the ability for those effects to be enhanced and/or stronger in those climates.[121]Steven Sharif

Caça ao tesouro

Caça ao tesouro is not exactly "cartography", but it does involve maps that help to pinpoint the location of hidden treasures throughout the world.[122][123][124]

  • The more treasure a player finds the better maps they can create.[124]
  • Hints are given through rumor mills, interaction with different NPCs, and gaining access to potential dig sites.[124]
  • Treasure hunting will be a "way of life" rather than a profession.[123]

Treasures may also be obtained through fishing and by exploring naval content.[125][126]


The world will be the same on each server, but Bases will develop differently. Different servers will have different narratives. Things that happen on one server may not happen on another.[127]

There will be a multitude of servers located throughout the various regions of the world.[129]

  • Post launch, users will be able to select their server by the ping or the region that's notated next to the server.[129]
  • Ashes of Creation Apocalypse server selection is driven by the party leader. Whatever region they have selected will apply to their friends and squad.[129]

We'll have a multitude of servers located throughout to the various regions of the world; and those servers will be good connection points for- and will be driven by- I mean there's two types of servers I'm sorry: For the alpha-1 arena those will be driven by the party leader right; and wherever whatever region they have selected if they invite friends to their squad or whatever, they'll be able to play on that region. With regards to live launch when the server's go live, you'll be selecting a server to play on; and that will be your character's home; and that server you'll be aware of where that server is located usually by either a ping or a region that's notated on next to the server.[129]Steven Sharif


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