Remains of Oakenbane Keep

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Last remaining Essence-ridden tree in the Remains of Oakenbane Keep zone.[1]

In this particular Oakenbane Keep area there used to be these old magnificent essence-ridden trees, but they were all harvested to produce magical artifacty items; and now only one remains, which Lord Oakenbane himself guards[2]Steven Sharif

Remains of Oakenbane Keep (also referred to as Remnants of Oakenbane) is a zone in the Riverlands biome.[3][4]

Oakenbane Keep is once military academy before the fall of the Aelan Empire during The Exodus and it was used to train up recruits, but now those recruits and perhaps some of their teachers might be haunting that location.[5]Steven Sharif
Oakenbane Keep was a proud Kaelar tradition that reached back to the days of the founding of the Aelan Empire. Though it was once the foremost military academy for promising recruits to learn from their venerable forebears, it is now a ruin filled with wandering shades. We have no explanation for these unquiet dead, but Ryland Hawkens, a military historian, assumes they suffer in this state.[5]


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