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Alpha-2 solo PvE ranger combat.[2]

Combat is the most tactile system in the game. It's the thing you will experience most often; and outside of the systems and mechanics that are going to be present for the overarching core gameplay loop, combat needs to feel responsive. It needs to not feel floaty. It needs to feel mobile. It needs to be fluid. It needs to give a feeling of satisfaction. The audio components, the effects components, the animations themselves, the types of skills and those types of things: All of those are really our objective in fine-tuning the approach for our combat in Ashes of Creation.[3]Steven Sharif

Combate in Ashes of Creation is focused on strategy and tactics.[4]

  • Combat is the most tactile system in the game. It needs to feel responsive, mobile and fluid. It needs to give a feeling of satisfaction.[3]
We are taking our time when it comes to the quality of this game; and what that means is the additional bells and whistles: the more polished look of animations and visual effects; and as we expand on this idea of combat with class rotations, all this stuff is going to get is going to come together into a very tactile, kinetic style of combat and that's our goal.[5]Steven Sharif
  • Combate is animation-driven to ensure it is impactful and responsive.[6]
    • VFX and sound effects are an important part of selling the weight and immersion of combat.[7][8]
    • Camera effects such as screen shake and radial blur are used to "sell a lot of the weight without being too over the top".[9]
We're building a singular tool that all of the teams can use to build abilities and tweak their sound effects, visual effects, animation design, engineering: All using the same tool grounded in animation to build these abilities.[8]Keenan Reimer

A revamped combat system will be rolled out during and post Alpha-1 testing.[10][11]

Combat revamp

4K Alpha-1 preview open world Pvp (2v2).[15]

Todos vocês que estão esperando para ver todas essas mudanças, lembrem-se de que são mudanças iterativas e que elas são meio que implementadas em diferentes fases. Portanto, vocês vão ver o aspecto inicial delas e não esperam que elas sejam totalmente polidas ou que todas as animações ainda tenham sido adaptadas.[11]

Um sistema de combate remodelado estará pronto para ser testado no teste prévio do Alpha-1 em Março e Abril.[16]

  • O objetivo é dar mais controle ao jogador e conseguir um fluxo mais fluido de combate.[17]
  • Esta reformulação não representará a forma final de combate, mas definirá a direção geral que o combate estará tomando.[16]
  • A reformulação será iterativa e será estendida aos testadores em diferentes fases.[17]

Todos vocês que estão esperando para ver todas essas mudanças, lembrem-se de que são mudanças iterativas e que elas são meio que implementadas em diferentes fases. Portanto, vocês vão ver o aspecto inicial delas e não esperam que elas sejam totalmente polidas ou que todas as animações ainda tenham sido adaptadas.[17]Steven Sharif

Combat targeting

Ranger hybrid combat in Alpha-2.[18]

Part of what we're exploring with this approach of our hybrid combat is offering the player the functionality to utilize either tab targeting or a reticle-based action camera mode; and you know there are benefits to each; and both of them are providing the player what they feel most comfortable with playing. All of our attacks are going to be stat opposed unless they're a templated attack, in which case there will be certain bonuses and/or stronger applied chances for certain types of CC effects to be applied or potentially evasion and accuracy aspects of it. These are all things that we plan to to test throughout alpha two to see where the player base lives in those two options of the action or tab target based attack modes. The important part here is that this is still a work-in-progress. This is meant to give you a look at where our approach has now been living over the past several months when it comes to combat based off of what we learned in alpha one, what player feedback has been along the way and how we can create a compelling system of combat between these very different classes and weapon types.[19]Steven Sharif

Hybrid combat refers to the choice between tab and action combat in Ashes of Creation.[20][21][22][23] A toggle button (default Z, but can be re-bound to another key) allows the player to switch between action and tab combat modes.[24][25][26][27]

  • The action mode camera is tied to the to the player's reticle (crosshair).[28][29]
    • There will likely be a hotkey that when held down will allow free camera movement in action mode.[29]
    • In future the user will have the ability to choose from different reticle appearances.[30]
  • Targeted skills require either a soft or hard locked target.[28]
    • Soft locking is when the reticle moves over a valid target while in action mode. The targeting plate will appear slightly grayed out to indicate that this is a soft-lock target. If the reticle moves away from the target or the target moves away from the reticle, the target is lost.[28].
    • Hard locking is when the player uses right-mouse on a soft-locked target in action mode, or when the player selects a valid target in tab mode. The targeting plate will not be grayed-out to indicate that a hard-lock target is selected. Unlike soft locking, if the target moves out of the reticle, the target is not lost. Tab will still cycle between hard-locked targets in action mode based on proximity priority.[31][28]

Q: What the benefits are for tab versus action. I feel like a lot of people feel like tab is just easier so why would I use action?

A: If you're in a massive brawl, the ability to pick and choose targets that are far in the back line that might might be more advantageous towards tab target users because they're able to click, but the reaction time to acquire a target for a cursor versus acquiring a target for a reticle is much faster and less cumbersome because it doesn't require as many actions on behalf of the user.[34]Steven Sharif

Templated and targeted versions of skills will have different characteristics.[19][24][35][36][37]

Skill progressions, skill point allocation is determined by the player. The player will be able to choose either more tab-target oriented skills or more action-based skills and customize their playable experience to what accommodates their preference. From a balancing standpoint for us developers, we need to make sure that certain abilities house certain functions so that there's a balance between skill shots and tab-target abilities.[36]Steven Sharif
  • Targeted skills will be greyed out if the target is not within a valid range but templated skills will generally require the player to assess the correct range for the skill.[38]
info-orange.pngAlgumas das informações a seguir não foram confirmadas recentemente pelos desenvolvedores e podem não estar no roteiro de desenvolvimento atual.
  • It may not be possible to be able to fully spec into just action or tab targeted skills. There might be a 75% cap on choosing skills from any one type.[36]
  • For the purposes of balance, certain skill types will be either tab or action oriented skills.[40]
    • Hard CCs may be housed in action oriented skills because they are skill shots that are more difficult to land.[40][36]
    • Softer CC's would be housed in tab-targeted abilities.[40]
As an example: Let's say you're playing a ranged class. You could have an action-oriented power shot in your skill tree or you could have a single target power shot that ramps up and does more damage.[37]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 combat

Alpha-1 early hybrid combat demo.[26]

You'll notice as I go into action mode, I have my reticle and when my reticle hovers over an enemy target, it'll turn red, essentially showing like "hey we know you have a valid target hit" that you can see; and when you press Q you can lock on to that target. You can also hold Tab to alternate between targets. So like that's an important aspect of the combat that we're trying to incorporate, which is mixing and meshing between tab and action, so you still have that action component but also are available to use some of your tab targeted skills.[22]Steven Sharif

Hybrid combat was tested in Alpha-1.[22][35]

  • A toggle button (default Z, but can be re-bound to another key) allows the player to switch between action and tab targeted combat modes.[24][25][26][27]
  • The action mode utilizes a targeting reticle and is very close to a third-person action game.[22][26][27][42]
    • The player does not have to be in reticle mode to use an action combat ability.[43]
    If you use an action combat ability that's going to be directional focused, you do not have to be in reticle mode to use that. It will fire where that reticle would be. So if you play by feel and you're in tab target camera mode, you can still utilize your action-oriented skills and abilities.[43]Steven Sharif
    • The reticle will highlight/change color (to red) to indicate if the current target is able to be hit with the currently prepared skill.[22][26]
    • Action combat abilities will not have a lock-on feature but pressing Q while in action mode will lock on to the current target to enable the use of tab-oriented skills in action mode.[24][22]
    Action combat abilities will not have a lock-on feature so to speak. Some of those are going to be skill shot only. However because you can have a mix and match of tab abilities that require a target, you will be able to target lock in action mode as well. Right now that's delegated to the Q key as default, but you can obviously set that up you could put it on you know your left mouse button, or you could put it wherever you want; and when your reticle hovers over a target, it rapidly swaps your target ability and when you press your target lock it will then lock that target; and if you have tab-oriented skills, you can use your tab oriented skills and they will be used against that target.[24]Steven Sharif
    • Holding Tab while in action mode will alternate between targets.[22]
    • Pressing right-click while in action mode will switch to tab mode for the currently highlighted target.[26]
  • The tab mode (MMO mode) facilitates tab targeted combat.[26][27] A tab-targeted ability requires a target in order to utilize that skill.[24][42]
    • Pressing left-click in tab mode will attack the target (with the currently selected weapon).[26]
    • There will be a "target of target" capability on the user interface.[44]


The developers are testing different approaches to accommodate varying hitboxes between the races.[45]

  • There may be a single unified hitbox with some exceptions or some special collision rules as opposed to having different sized hitboxes.[45]

More than likely we'll have some sort of unified or unified-ish hitbox. But again it's going to probably have a unified hitbox with some exceptions or some special sort of collision rules based on them as opposed to kind of just making it smaller for one and not the other.[45]Jeffrey Bard

There aren't separate types of hitbox categories in the Ashes of Creation MMORPG as there were in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.[45]

We don't have separate types of hitbox categories, for example. There's no head hit box in the MMORPG like there was in APOC. So from a critical standpoint you're not going to see a greater risk of critting for a larger hitbox.[45]Steven Sharif

Directional attacks

There will be directional attacks (back attacks, flanking attacks, frontal attacks) that deal additional damage depending on the positional context of the attack.[46]


Weapon attack cone in Alpha-1.[26]

As I attack I am hitting multiple numbers of these opponents; and that's important because all weapons, regardless of whether you are in reticle mode or tab-targeting mode will be able to have a action-based type weapon attack. Not active skill, but weapon attack.[26]Steven Sharif

All weapons have a forward attack cone, regardless of being in tab or action mode.[26]

Polearms for example will have a much wider arc and much further out. Daggers will have a more fine-tuned arc, so you have to be more precise in that regard.[26]Steven Sharif

This is described as a weapon attack not an active skill.[26]

Time to kill

info-orange.pngAlgumas das informações a seguir não foram confirmadas recentemente pelos desenvolvedores e podem não estar no roteiro de desenvolvimento atual.

The Ashes of Creation MMORPG will have a time-to-kill (TTK) of around 30 seconds to a minute.[48]

In the MMORPG we really don't want to see any one-shots. The time-to-kill needs to be strategic and tactical.[50]Steven Sharif

Headshot mechanics

There are no headshot mechanics in the Ashes of Creation MMORPG.[45][51][52]

Gear inspection/ Threat assessment

Os jogadores terão um buff em sua placa de identificação que indica o conjunto de equipamento que estão usando. Outros jogadores poderão ver esse "buff", visando esse jogador à distância".[56][57][58]

  • Isto indicará o tipo de equipamento (tecido, couro, [[Plate armor|placa]) que eles estão usando predominantemente".[57]
  • A borda indicará o nível e a qualidade do conjunto de equipamento'.[56][57][59]
  • Isto também indicará se o equipamento está encantado'.[57][59]
  • Os desenvolvedores acreditam que inspecionar o equipamento para obter uma lista exata de equipamentos ou pontuação do equipamento pode levar a um "comportamento indesejado".[60]

Quando você vê um jogador se aproximando de você e ele está usando um transmog, você sabe que você não sabe se essa pessoa é uma mitigação de danos alta contra danos físicos ou contra danos mágicos e, essencialmente, a maneira como superamos isso é através de você poder apontar um jogador à distância e ele terá um buff que está presente neles que você verá, o que indica que essencialmente o conjunto de peças que ele está usando. É importante que os jogadores possam verificar, do ponto de vista da avaliação da ameaça, o que eles estão enfrentando se estiverem verificando ativamente isso e isso estará disponível.[58]Steven Sharif

Ser por padrão capaz de ver a "pontuação do equipamento" / lista de equipamentos de uma pessoa... pode causar um comportamento indesejado.[60]

Character nameplate

Uma placa de identificação de personagem será exibida acima de sua cabeça.[61]

  • Este pode ser o primeiro ou último nome (nome de família).[61]
  • O nome da guilda do personagem é exibido ao lado de seu nome.[62]
  • A placa de identificação do personagem irá se deteriorar para dar uma indicação de quanto dano eles sofreram.[63][64][65]
  • Um ícone identificará a classe do personagem.[56]
  • Passando o mouse sobre a placa de identificação do usuário mostrará informações como nível, seu nome de classe e combinação de modelos.[56]
  • Um ícone de buff indica o equipamento do personagem e a sua categoria.[56][57][58]

O tipo de criatura invocada de um Summoner aparece na placa de identificação acima da criatura invocada. Isto não pode ser mudado pelo jogador. [66]


Revamped Alpha-1 Mage Fireball ability.[17][11]

The general approach that we're kind of taking based on a lot of feedback and just good combat design in general. You know philosophy is that we want to give more agency in the hands of the player and the antithesis of that is locking the player down for really long amounts of time. The sort of concept behind that is like you could make an animation effects as glorious looking as possible but if it's taking away control of the player, none of that really matters. Especially the 100th or thousandth time you're using the spell you're tired of that happening you don't feel powerful: You feel the opposite of powerful. So we're trying to like give a lot of control back to the player while they're using these abilities so they can still control their movements, they can react simultaneously while they're taking actions; and we just want to get overall more of a fluid flow, I guess, of combat. And that's kind of the general design philosophy we're using to approach the overhaul.[17]Tradd Thompson

Most abilities you'll find in Ashes of Creation are capable of being cast while moving. Some of those abilities might slow your movement during the cast, but you can continue to move. Very rarely, and depending on obviously the importance of the ability or the power level of that ability, you might be rooted in place. So, for example, the AoE ability [Chains of Restraint] has a lot going on. It has damage ticking over time, it is an area of effect, it also has a status condition application; and in those instances the player character gets rooted.[70]Steven Sharif
There's a balance in the game design between your movement speed on attack and the movement speed of your opponent. When you have a game that is both PvE centric as well as PvP centric, you have to make sure that combat is blended for both approaches; and we can always run into problems where, if you're significantly hampered in your movement speed, that has an effect on how we expect player versus player engagements to interact; and we don't want to restrict a player's ability to be mobile if they're the target of an attack. And as a result of that we need to make sure that we don't restrict the movement abilities of the player who is doing the attacking as well. So we want it to be relatively free for you to stay with each other. Your opponents move around the battlefield together and if we're hampering you on the attack action, we have to then implement some type of snare, or slow, or cc effect essentially on your opposing target; and that's not the approach we want to take for for PvP.[78]Steven Sharif
Q: If a ranger is super mobile, what are the melee's options in order to catch them?
A: Different class kits will provide different gap closers. They'll provide different mobility skills. They'll have lockdowns. They'll have chains to pull back. They'll have a lot of different things in the rotation. That's part of what an MMORPG experience is. You're not just restricted to three or six skills, you have a rotational suite; and depending on the type of challenges you face is going to help determine which of those rotations you spec into from your skill tree.[79]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngEsta seção contém informações das fases iniciais de teste. Ele será atualizado assim que novas informações forem disponibilizadas.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Blink Blink Icon.jpg Blinks forward in the direction you are traveling.[80][81][82][83] Now deals damage to enemies surrounding your departure location.[84][83] Reduced cooldown.[80][84][83]
Rush rush icon.png Rush toward a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down.[85] - -

Weapon weights

Weapon weight refers to how the mass of a weapon affects its performance during combat.[67]

There is a balance between player motion and agency as we call it and weapon weightedness- that almost locked-in-place rooted position- the heavier the weapon is, the more restrictions you want to place on that player agency to showcase the rooted effect: That weight- that heavyweight kind of aspect; and so what we've done by presenting you guys with both the dual daggers and the two-handed weapon is we've kind of shown the range between that complete player agency: a player agency in the light weapon attacks that's the dual daggers, and the maximum range of of rootedness or weightedness that's present on the two-handed weapon; and that's the spectrum in which our basic melee combat will exist within. So if there are medium weapon groups that exist in-between there, it's going to be somewhere in between that spectrum.[5]Steven Sharif

Player movement

  • Sprinting will consume a percentage of a character's mana pool. Sprinting will not be permitted while in combat.[88]
    • A sprinting/dash skill with a cooldown was confirmed to be part of a class kit.[89]
I've instructed design to incorporate a mana consumption that's percentage based for sprinting. So it'll be a similar amount of time that each class, regardless of their mana values, will have in order to sprint and it will not be accessible while in a combat.[88]Steven Sharif
  • There is a toggleable walk/run (autorun) capability.[90]
  • There is not going to be any "go to waypoint" (auto-pathing) mechanics.[91]


There are player and spell collision mechanics in Ashes of Creation.[94]

  • Inertia and momentum physics will help prevent blocking doorways/access points. This is based on a character's direction and movement speed, and can be used to push people out of the way.[95][94]


Dodging in Alpha-1 early combat.[3]

Another thing that's important about these action combats is the ability to dodge and moving out of the way of certain skill shots.[3]Steven Sharif

Evasion moves such as dodging and weaving will be present in Ashes of Creation combat.[96][97][98]

So you see an animation windup that's a telegraph on what's coming; and then you have response actions that you can take as a result of that in order to dodge, weave, move, do whatever. It is both a combination of what your rotation is but also how you have reaction abilities ready to go that you save for certain circumstances that are important.[97]Steven Sharif

Active blocking

Tank active blocking with a Shield in Alpha-2.[102]

The shield version would probably be better but you'd still be able to parry or whatnot with a two-handed weapon, or even maybe a dual wield.[103]Tradd Thompson

Active blocking is a universal skill that applies to all classes.[96][105][103][99]

Active blocking might be an ability that- it's universal, of course it's universal- but it might be consuming mana; and you'll be able to adjust that mana consumption based off of your passive spec into your skill trees. In addition, it might also consume stamina, where that's something we're going to be testing as part of Alpha-2.[105]Steven Sharif
Q: How are you designing encounters around active blocking? Will it be situational use, or would I expect to be laying on my block keybind for most of the fight to prevent getting deleted by bosses?
A: It depends really on the type of adversary you're facing. Some of them are going to have indicators or tells that a big attack is coming. It's an animation wind up where you'll have an opportunity to use active block in very unique situations that are based on timing and additional mitigation for those incoming one-off attacks. In other occasions you'll be able to use it off of rotational cooldowns, or if you're waiting for a particular ability or you're during the use of your Aegis. There's different situations for when active block is a relevant use-case.[107]Steven Sharif
  • Previously the developers had not finalized designs for active blocking and were leaning toward using more traditional buff-oriented universal damage mitigation for the MMO, and were also considering interaction between action-based blocking and a passive block stat.[108][109]


Alpha-2 work-in-progress combat animations and decals.[111]

The intensity of those weapon trailings; how they scale based on the type of weapon, the level of weapon, that you have; but not just the trailing on the weapon per-se but also the ground decals. Like for this heavy weapon, that first strike you see that decal in the ground is- I love that look- and even on the backswing when I hit the ground behind me, it's causing that decal.[111]Steven Sharif

We really wanted to build the combat system to- like i said earlier- be as physical as possible. So we have it very animation driven. Everything is handled based on a reference of animation as opposed to nebulous timings, which allows it to feel very impactful and very responsive.[6]Keenan Reimer
We're not going to be having I think unique combat animations. However we will have unique non-combat animations, such as your idle, your walk, your run cycle: things that the combat attacks do not have to blend back into.[112]Steven Sharif

Combat abilities

The aspiration for combat is for abilities to have corresponding counter-play abilities.[114]

  • The goal is to have special animations for parrying, blocking and evading.[115]

They can be a challenge to implement sort of really reliably so you might not see them on every evasion or every block, but we do want that kind of stuff to show up.[115]Jeffrey Bard

Basic attacks

Basic attacks are triggered for the equipped weapon by pressing Q or left-clicking the mouse (these buttons can be re-bound by the player).[116]

Crowd control

Crowd control (CC/mezzing) abilities include root, snare, stun, sleep and slow.[123][114]

Diminishing returns in regards to crowd control and conditions like stun and sleep and slows and that kind of thing: Yes we will have absolutely diminishing returns. I think it's a necessary component to balance out classes that have high control ability.[114]Steven Sharif

We're trying to stay away from hard locks as much as we possibly can. We want to have the system be very play, counter-play, counter-counter-play kind of feel.[114]Jeffrey Bard

  • Soft CC's are in the tab-targeted abilities.[127]
  • CC effects do not apply to Non-combatant (green) players. The target of a CC ability must be flagged in order to suffer the CC effects. This prevents players from opening attacks that stun non-combatant players during a pull for example.[128]
  • Some crowd-control abilities can dismount a mounted player. In that case the mount would persist with its own health pool and other stats.[129]
    • In current Alpha-1 testing mounts are not separate from the player.[129]

There's also going to be effects that just stun the mount or stun you on the mount.[129]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngEsta seção contém informações das fases iniciais de teste. Ele será atualizado assim que novas informações forem disponibilizadas.

- None -


Abilities with a cast bar can be interrupted during the cast.[72]

  • There are abilities to counter interrupts.
  • Some interrupts are better than others.
info-orange.pngEsta seção contém informações do teste Alpha-1. Ele será atualizado quando novas informações forem disponibilizadas.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Bulwark Bulwark Icon.jpg Bash enemies in front of you twice. The second attack temporarily increases block chance. You must have a shield equipped to block.[131][81][132][133] Additional increased block chance.[131][133] The second attack knocks down enemies.[131][133]
Rush rush icon.png Rush toward a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down.[85] - -
Thundershock Lightning Bolt Icon.jpg Shoots forward a beam of lightning that damages enemies in a line in front of you.[134][81][135] Increased damage.[134][136] Now knocks down hit targets.[134][136]

Aggro abilities

Threat (Aggro/Hate) is generated based on damage done, healing done, and modifiers on certain abilities.[137][138]

If we think about PVP settings and the role of taunt or hate, a lot of times for tanks in the MMOs that I've played- where you have a PvE and PvP scenario- those types of hate generation abilities don't really have cross application into the PVP realm; and that can feel bad, because typically a tank build-out can be delegated around how I generate hate; and if it has no cross application into PvP then effectively you're creating a class composition that just is not relevant in half of the game, or in that area of the game. So when we talk about how we're going to apply hate to player targets or taunt to player targets, sometimes that can move into the realm of target switching, or the ability to demand that target on the tank in a PvP scenario as well. That's something that we need to get player feedback on, because there's a lot of strong emotions around that type of mechanic. I for one am a big proponent of that. I think it's interesting. I think that it plays into the role of the tank and that it it hits a class fantasy that most tank players want to feel. And I think however on the flip side of that, it is a source of control; and anytime you're under the effects of some source of control, it's going to be a feel bad moment for the target that's being controlled. So that's why I think it generates a lot of feelings on both sides of the aisle.[139]Steven Sharif
  • Detargeting is the act of removing hate/threat/aggro from an enemy.[139]
  • There will be a taunt skill available at higher levels than what has been previewed so far for Alpha-2.[140]
Q: There were a lot of concerns about threat [in the Alpha-2 Tank preview video]. A lot of people didn't understand how holding threat works, because you weren't holding threat at some point.
A: It's important to remember that these previews are done at a very low-level, so these are low-level skills and abilities that the archetypes have available to them; and so because of that, some of the functionality from these abilities they don't necessarily perform as well as you would want them to in a later stage of the game for that role. Now also keep in mind that balance is a perspective that needs to be incorporated also. So, threat is generated based off of a few factors: It's based off of damage done, it's based off of healing done, it's based off of threat generation modifiers that are on abilities. Now the tank in this situation I believe has two abilities that are going to generate additional threat. They have the slicing- the number two ability; and then they also have the shout ability. Both of those are creating additional threat. But with that being said, we need to tune probably those abilities up a little bit to contend with the DPS that's coming both from the ranger and with the heals that are coming out of the cleric.[137]Steven Sharif
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Grapple GrappleIcon.png Takes aim for a moment before hurling a hooked chain in a line, damaging the first target it contacts and immediately pulling them to the caster. The target suffers a tapering snare for 3 seconds.[142]
Inciting Strikes IncitingStrikesIcon.png Slashes twice in a forward cone while adding additional threat.[143]
Shield Assault ShieldAssaultIcon.png Bashes the target with your shield, dealing damage and applying the shaken condition. If the target is already suffering from the shaken condition, stun the target instead.[144]

Animation cancelling

Animation cancelling will not be a combat mechanic.[145][146]

Combat stances

The use of weapon stances in game is likely.[147]


RNG elements pertain to combat relating to stats such as Critical hit, Evasion, Blocking chance.[148]

RNG is always going to play a role in Ashes of Creation whether that be in PvP or PvE, but one way to mitigate that is through the action system. The action system is going to be far less sort of dependent on those you know dice rolls and there'll be far more in your own hands. They won't ever completely eliminate that but it's a way for us to sort of reward skilled play versus sort of tactical strategies type play.[149]Jeffrey Bard

Primary skills

UI de habilidades e seus espaços de habilidadesAlpha-1 .[150]

A proposta do segundo modelo e do sistema de modificações é misturar um pouco o papel de cada classe. Então enquanto seguimos o sistema tradicional para o papel das classes, nós estamos utilizando o sistema de modificações secundárias para mostrar um pouco da direções que o jogador pode tomar[151]Steven Sharif

Habilidades primárias (habilidades de classe) são baseadas no modelo do jogador.[85] Jogadores poderão personalizar suas habilidades primárias com modificações do segundo modelo.[153][85][154]

O design por trás das modificações não vem somente de mudar o estilo da habilidade para que reflita a segunda modificação, mas também fundamentalmente alterar os componentes principais das habilidades.[155]Steven Sharif

  • Cada Modelo secundário oferece 4 esferas diferentes de modificações.[153][156] Cada uma das modificações afeta as habilidades dos modelos primários de formas diferentes.[157]
    • Por exemplo: Um Mage oferece teleporte e esferas elementais de modificações. Essas modificações vão afetar as habilidades primárias de um Fighter de uma forma diferente de como afetariam a de um Cleric, por exemplo.[153][157]
    • Cada modificação tem seu nível de requerimento e número de pontos de habilidade necessários para serem adquiridos.[158]
    Haverá um certo limite após o qual você não poderá modificar suas habilidades da mesma maneira que modificou suas habilidades anteriores, então você terá que pegar e escolher cada uma que você quer modificar com muita atenção; certas modificações vão ter maior requerimento de pontos de habilidade.[158]Steven Sharif
  • Escolher o mesmo modelos como primário e secundário aumentara o foco nesse modelo.[159]
  • Modificações nas habilidades primárias irão fundamentalmente mudar a forma de como aquelas habilidades funcionam: Adaptando o que a habilidade fazia para incorporar a identidade do modelo secundário.[160]
  • Para alterar as modificações em suas habilidades será necessário que você fale com um PNJ dentro de uma base em estágio de Vilarejo ou acima.[162]
  • Algumas cores e efeitos de habilidade mudam baseado em suas modificações.[163]
    • Habilidades ativas poderão ficar totalmente diferentes depois que uma modificação for aplicada.[164]

Jogadores receberão pontos de habilidades à medida que passam de nivel. Esses podem ser usados para aumentar o nível das suas habilidades, nas árvore de habilidades ativas, passivas ou de combate.[165][166][167]

  • Não será possível maximizar todas as habilidades na árvore de habilidades.[167]
  • Em termos de progressão de habilidades, jogadores poderão escolher diversidade e pegar muitas habilidades, ou se aprofundar em poucas habilidades específicas.[168]

Independente de qual dos oito modelos você escolha como secundário, você receberá uma escolha de modificações que representam alguns dos ideais daquela classe. Sabe, como um tank se especializa em controlar o campo de batalha, em sobreviver. O mago se especializa em dar dano e elementos e habilidades em área. O ladino se especializa em ficar invisível e dar dano crítico. Então essas modificações vão tentar oferecer um pouco dessas identidades.[169]Steven Sharif

A ideia por trás do sistema é que você está meio que caminhando entre as linhas através dessas modificações do seu papel, sabe. Nós temos a tradicional trindade que está presente no design de classes para MMOs e, no geral, essas classes ou seguem um padrão à risca ou desviam completamente do padrão. A modificação procura oferecer um equilíbrio entre isso, onde você ainda mantém um semblante daquele sistema de trindade enquanto oferece a oportunidade de puxar seu jogo para um dos outros ângulos do triângulo[170]Steven Sharif

Skill points

Alpha-1 early preview skills UI.[39]

É aqui que os jogadores alocam pontos de habilidade em suas habilidades ativas, suas habilidades passivas - que podem aprimorar seu uso de armas e armaduras e regeneração da saúde e stats passivos e coisas assim - mas no lado das armas, é onde você se especializará em certos tipos de procs baseados em grupos de armas. Por isso, já falamos um pouco sobre isso no passado: Se você tiver uma adaga, as adagas podem ter a chance de causar um sangramento em seu ataque com armas e isso se sinergizaria com uma habilidade ativa, como digamos Backstab, que faz danos adicionais se o alvo estiver sob um efeito de sangramento. Agora dissemos no passado que os jogadores serão capazes de alocar pontos de habilidade em suas habilidades ativas que são mais voltadas tanto para o combate de ação quanto para o alvo de tabulação.[39]Steven Sharif

Os jogadores recebem skill points a medida que sobem de level. Esses pontos podem ser usados para upar as habilidade (aumentar o seu rank) dentro das árvores de habilidades ativas, passivas ou de combate/arma.[171][165][166][167]

  • Não será possivel upar ao máximo todas as habilidade em uma árvore de habilidade.[167]
  • Em relação a progressão de habilidade os jogadores conseguem escolher ter uma variedade maior de habilidade, ou ter um numero menor e mais especifico de habilidades.[168]
  • Os jogadores tem a opção de resetar e realocar os seus pontos de habilidade.[172]

Tornar as habilidades ativas capazes de receber alocações de pontos de habilidade adicionais e desbloquear recursos adicionais de modo que, do ponto de vista da escolha dos jogadores, caberá a você decidir se quer ou não ser mais diversificado, mas menos profundo - mais amplo e não mais versátil, em algumas dessas escolhas de habilidades. Ou se você quiser ser muito versátil, isso será algo que caberá ao jogador nesse aspecto.[3]Steven Sharif

Active skills

Players can build their characters with the active skills they want on their action bar (hotbar).[174][175][176]

Some people like to have a very minimalistic number of hot bars. They don't need necessarily to have three, four, five hot bars that are available; but some people do like that: They want to have all their items listed on their hotbar as well as their abilities, as well as as their mounts, as well as anything that they can essentially interact with as an icon.[179]Steven Sharif
  • Players are not given skills as they level up, they must choose what skills they take.[168]
  • There is no spellbook requiring memorization.[180]

There will be multiple hot-bars that you obviously have available, because you're going to have consumables, you're going to have active skills and whatnot. But the number of active skills are not going to overwhelm necessarily the character and be irrelevant especially at certain stages.[174]Steven Sharif

Universal skills

Outside of class-specific skills there may be a subset of universal skills, such as active block and dodge.[99]

  • The developers will be testing the use of separate energy mechanics for universal skills in Alpha-2.[101]
  • Universal skill progression may align with a player's passive skill tree.[99]
Outside of your class-specific skill tree, there's going to be a subsection of a few skills that are universal, like active block, like dodge; and I think what we're going to do- or at least what we're going to be discussing here- is those universal skills will have progressions that might align with your passive tree; and you can spec skill points into progressing additional features of those universal abilities that you will have access to. So I think that's probably going to be the direction that we're going to take.[99]Steven Sharif

Ultimate skill

info-orange.pngAlgumas das informações a seguir não foram confirmadas recentemente pelos desenvolvedores e podem não estar no roteiro de desenvolvimento atual.

Ultimate skills are very powerful skills that can be used when enough focus has been accumulated from using the Weapon use combo system.[181]

- None -

Elemental skills

The idea behind magic is you're manipulating the elements. They don't just have to be fire, ice, water and air. They can be darkness, they can be light, they can be planar; a lot of different types of "elemental influences".[182]Steven Sharif

info-orange.pngEsta seção contém informações das fases iniciais de teste. Ele será atualizado assim que novas informações forem disponibilizadas.
Skill Icon Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Fireball Fireball Icon.jpg Hurl a ball of fire toward your target, dealing direct damage upon impact.[183][81][184] Increased damage.[183][185][186][187] Burns the target for additional damage over time.[183][185][186]
Lava Storm Lava Storm Icon.jpg Creates a field of lava at the selected location. Deals area damage over time.[81][188][189] Increased damage. Increased duration.[188][185] Increased damage. Increased duration.[188][185]
Thundershock Lightning Bolt Icon.jpg Shoots forward a beam of lightning that damages enemies in a line in front of you.[134][81][135] Increased damage.[134][136] Now knocks down hit targets.[134][136]


As sessenta e quatro (64) classes são divididas em oito arquétipos primários. O balançeamento de habilidades ativas se relaciona apenas a estes oito arquétipos primários.[190][191]

  • Há quatro grupos primários de aprimoramentos atribuídos a cada arquétipo base. O balanceamento dos aprimoramentos está relacionado aos quatro grupos de aprimoramentos para cada um dos oito arquétipos.[191]

Embora os aprimoramentos mudem radicalmente a forma como suas habilidades ativas funcionam, ainda há um foco principal no arquétipo base em si e não em todas as 64 classes.[190]Steven Sharif

Não estamos realmente falando de 64 classes distintas, estamos falando de oito classes com 64 variantes... Não há tanta variação entre as 64 classes como vocês podem pensar. Não é como se você conhecesse 64 versões diferentes de... classes radicalmente diferentes.[190]Jeffrey Bard

O balanceamento em Ashes of Creation é focado em grupo não é baseado em combate 1vs1.[190][192]

Haverá encontros de 1vs1 onde uma classe será superior a outra; e essa será uma dinâmica de pedra-papel-tesoura. Queremos que hajam "counters" entre as diferentes classes. Em vez disso, será um equilíbrio focado no grupo, onde, enquanto houver diversidade de classes presentes, será um campo de jogo igualitário. Vai ser muito dependente de habilidade e estratégia.[192]Steven Sharif

Alguns arquétipos secundários serão capazes de "encurtar a distância" que tem os seus counters.[193]

Alguns arquétipos são capazes de compensar a desvantagem de suas contrapartes. Se eu sou um arquétipo de Tanque e um Mage é meu counter, eu posso pegar um Mage secundário e diminuir a distância; e então chegar ligeiramente mais perto.[193]Steven Sharif

Alpha-1 testing é inicialmente focado na funcionalidade base em vez de combate ou balanceamento.[12]


Ashes of Creation has the traditional trinity of Tank, DPS (damage dealers) and Support (healer or non-healer) roles.[194][195][196]

We have our eight base archetypes; and the trinity is a pretty strong influence with regards to the eight base classes. However the area in which we actually begin to play with that line between the trinity is in the secondary classes that you can pick. That's where we begin to blend those spaces and allow people a little bit of influence over their role and whether or not they fit perfectly within a particular category within the trinity.[197]Steven Sharif


A efetividade das classes, skills e equipamento irá depender do adversário ou do encontro. Irão existir builds melhores para certos tipos de desafios ou níveis de dificuldade. Esse design tem como objetivo evitar metas óbvios ou builds padrões no Ashes of Creation.​[198]

  • A dificuldade crescente inspira uma progressão vertical mais tradicional que é comum em outros MMOs.[198]

Muitas vezes você apenas tem uma escala de poder muito vertical e isso determina essa busca, mas quando você tem uma variedade de relevância entre certos tipos de adversários e essa variedade muda com o tempo por causa da atividade do jogador - e então isso afeta a economia e o sistema de crafting e quem estava produzindo o que para qual demanda - e tudo fica abalado. Esse é um ambiente muito divertido para existir nele apresenta uma situação mais dinâmica do que uma seleção mais padrão.[198]Steven Sharif

Power creep

The developers intend to limit power creep via item sinks, the lack of gear binding, and the absence of pay-to-win or pay-to-convenience in Ashes of Creation.[199]

Weapon use combo system

A weapon use combo system (also referred to as Combo system[201], and Weapon use ability[202]) is utilized instead of a traditional auto-attack ability in Ashes of Creation.[203][201][204]

Let's say for example you're using a two-handed warhammer or something and you have a number of weapon combos that play animation style based on how many combos deep you go into an attack with that warhammer. So the first is going to be like a forward swing. Second is going to be a back swing. The third is going to be swing down and the fourth is going to be some twirl that you do; and that's what we call the combo animation montage.[116]Steven Sharif
The way that the weapon skill tree works is that at different stages of that combat montage you have available procs that can occur. The first swing might be a small stagger that decreases your opponent's accuracy by 15, that could be a proc that you could that you could spec into that decrease in accuracy- might be a status condition called stagger or bewildered or whatever- and that might exist for three or four seconds. Your second option from a skill tree perspective might be on the swing back. You have some type of tapering slow effect that lasts over three seconds- some type of tapering snare; and then the third step strike down might be some potential one second stun status modifier; and each of these you can spec into additional points to increase the chance that these proc.[116]Steven Sharif
  • Depending on class skill choice these effects will have synergy effects with the combat montage.[116]
Depending on what your class skill choice has been those are going to have synergy effects with the weapon skill tree. So my skill called spin-to-win might do 30 additional damage on a staggered target. So I see when my proc occurs with the stagger effect on my first swing, like for me as a player I might be only interested in landing that first swing, so every now and then I'm gonna swing once and then I'm gonna use a skill and then I'm gonna come back and swing again because that'll play my first swing montage, because it's been interrupted. So I won't move to the second one because I'm really just wanna hit that stagger effect. So that's going to be how my rotation lines up. However I might have some skill that on a stun target it might be an immediate cast and it's like some power you push or power hit; and that does- it knocks back a stun target. So if the target's stunned when this skill plays, it has an added effect of knock down and now they're gonna get knocked down for an additional two seconds. Now I might spec into that and as a result I want to finish through: swing, swing, and then knock down. So I get my chance at stunning that target with that weapon skill.[116]Steven Sharif
You may have items or set bonuses that change at what level those proc occurs. So I may have a full set of battle armor that changes all third hit combo procs to second hit requirements and now I have a chance not only on my second hit to land that tapering slow but I also have a chance to land my one second stun proc because I have the full set that changes my weapon progression. So that's the way itemization works with your weapon skill tree, is you can enhance when those weapon skill trees become available in your combat montage and that can be a relevant factor in how your skill rotations come to play; and mixes with your weapon attacks.
  • Weapon skill choices and rotations will vary based on whether the player is more focused on Pvp or PvE.[116]
Right now some people might just say, "I don't care at all about my weapon attacks. I'm not going to invest a lot of points into that. And if I do, it's going to be primarily PvE focused where I'm more comfortable using just swinging my weapon, and I may not use them as much in PvP. I'm just going to be focused on skill rotations." That's okay, but the reason for those skill montages- back to your question- is they have a very relevant role in when certain procs come online from a weapons skill tree perspective.[116]Steven Sharif
  • Using a skill/ability other than a basic attack will in general reset the combo.[121]
    • The developers are considering specific abilities might be able to be used without resetting the combo system.[121]

It acts similar in the sense of the core loop of what an auto attack is so to speak; where typically your other skills have a cooldown period, they have a rotation or whatever: Our combo system is a repeatable skill effect that you can continually attack with but it's a little bit more involved than what a traditional auto attack is; and it has components from a from an advancement standpoint when it comes to the types of procs that your weapon can have during that combo system... It's not going to have the quick time event that you guys saw early on in PAX and gave great feedback on, but it is going to have development with regards to the power of the weapon the type of weapon you're using, the additional proc effects that you can skill into: Those types of things are going to make it a little bit more complex of a system capture.[201]Steven Sharif

Classes of weapons

Armas 3D renders. These are depicted in the Threads of Fate cosmetic costume but are not part of that set. Models by Eli Hurst.[206]

Weapon classes (also referred to as weapon types and weapon groups) in Ashes of Creation.[16]

  • Blunt weapons
  • Slashing weapons
  • Piercing weapons

Weapon swapping

Weapon swapping (between equipment slots) is possible while in combat.[208][31][117][118]

  • Swapping weapons (from inventory) into a hand or range slot is not possible in combat.[208]
    • Previously this was said to be subject to a cooldown period (in the range of a few seconds) following any damage taken or done by the player.[209][210]
You can always hot weapon swap even in combat, but you can't swap your armor and gear. Nothing that's in a hand or range slot if you're in combat.[208]Steven Sharif

Players cannot swap armor while in combat.[208][209][211]

Raid mechanics

Raids contain intricate combat mechanics.[212]

Combat itself will be pretty intricate mechanics-wise. We're going to have different phases of the bosses, there's going to be a lot of adds stuff, there's going to be random oriented skill usage. We're not going to have telegraphed templates on the ground, but we will have telegraphed animations, so it's going to be location, mobility, strategic. It will be something that can not be repeatable in the exact same way from raid to raid, but has a variance between the combat, so raiders are going to have to be fluid in thinking on their feet.[212]Steven Sharif

Boss mechanics may be affected by changes in climate or time of day.[213]


In specific circumstances there will be telegraphs (tells) to communicate something that's happening.[214]

  • Animation tells.
  • Templates.

List of raid bosses

info-orange.pngEsta seção contém informações do teste Alpha-1. Ele será atualizado quando novas informações forem disponibilizadas.

Habilidades de utilidade

Pre-alpha rogue climbing a Metrópole wall.[215]

We have what are called utility skills and a lot of MMORPGS really only focus on active combat skills, but some of the favorite things that I've had as a gamer is tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, and there are skills in those games that are relevant to either your environment or the quest line; and they're a little bit you know sometimes "story mode".[216]Steven Sharif

A utility skill is a non-combat skill that interacts with the environment.[217][218][219] Utility skills lend themselves toward how classes navigate and deal with hazards in the world.[220]

  • Classes will have different utility abilities, such as detecting traps and other hazards.[217][218][220] For example: The Mage's detection spell casts light and reveals magical explosive hazards.[221]
    • Certain classes are able to climb/parkour in certain areas.[222][223] This is not a free-form ability. It will likely be restricted to certain quests, locations or objects.[224][225]
    • Certain classes (such as Rogues) will have stealth abilities.[226]
Q: What kind and how many special or unique activities can we expect classes to perform outside of combat, such as rogue's opening locks, tracking enemies as a ranger, or removing corruption from the ground as a cleric?
A: Just thirty minutes ago I was talking about those utility abilities like finding tracks, or cleansing poisons, arcane eye to reveal secret passages. The idea is how do we blend the traditional tabletop RPG role of utility and/or skill checks into the setting of a graphical MMORPG; and I think that it's both a complement of the skill kit that's available and how it interacts with the world for those curated or special designs within these locations. So to answer that question: that is intended- we've shown a little bit of that in the past and it is something that we want to make feel compelling and rewarding and viable as a use-case scenario in many different settings that you might find yourself in within the world.[217]Steven Sharif
  • All classes will have maneuverability/traversal utility abilities.[227]
  • Utility skills exist that can help players discover hidden paths and entrances and may lead to discovering hidden quests while exploring.[218]
  • Certain objects exist in the world (such as ladders and slides) that aid player mobility.[228]
We don't just have the approach of your class being reflected in your combat abilities but also there are utility abilities that certain classes have that other classes don't have.[229]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngAlgumas das informações a seguir não foram confirmadas recentemente pelos desenvolvedores e podem não estar no roteiro de desenvolvimento atual.
  • There will be a grappling hook utility skill or item.[230]
  • Rogues may also have a spyglass utility skill.[220]

Player death

Player death in an open world dungeon in Alpha-1.[231]

We don't have deleveling, instead what we have is experience debt. Now the more experience debt you accrue, the greater the detriment to your character; not to the point where you can not get out of the debt. There will always be a way forward to remove your debt.[232]Steven Sharif

When a player dies they disintegrate into ash. The ashes contain any items lost by the player due to applicable death penalties.[233][234][235][236][237] These ash piles are immediately lootable by any player.[234] Player flagging is not triggered by looting.[238]

  • A non-combatant (green player) who dies suffers normal penalties, which include:[236]
    When players die and they take durability loss, our durability loss isn't like other games where it's a gold sink so to speak. It's a combination of both a gold sink and a material sink. So in a sense, even if you only have completed items, when you take that durability loss you are losing out on materials. It's just a debt to the materials that you are losing instead of the active loss of that material in your inventory. So now you are accruing a material debt if you want to repair and increase again the performance of those particular items that take that durability loss.[241]Steven Sharif
    • Dropping a percentage of carried gatherables and materials that are used in the generation of something else.[243][235][236]
      • Items made for final consumption are not dropped, such as consumable items created by the Cooking and Alchemy professions.[243]
      • A percentage of the certificates a player is carrying are also dropped.[237]
      • If a player dies there will be a period of time before their mule despawns. Other players must kill that player's mule to be able to loot it.[244]
      • If a player's mule dies its corpse will contain the same percentage of lootable items as the player.[244][245]
  • A combatant (purple player) who dies suffers these same penalties, but at half the rate of a non-combatant.[236]
  • A corrupt (red player) suffers penalties at four times the rate of a non-combatant, and has a chance to drop any equipped items based on their current corruption score.[246][247] This includes:[247][236]
    Any amount of corruption allows a player to drop equipped gear upon death. The higher the corruption the greater the chances.[249]Steven Sharif
    • These dropped items may be looted by other players.[250]
    • Corrupt players respawn at random locations in the vicinity of their death, not at regular spawn points.[251]
      • Non-corrupt players always respawn at the closest active respawn point (to their death).[252]
    • Corruption penalties occur as the corruption is gained (not just at death).[253]
  • Experience debt will scale to approximately 2 or 3 percent of the total XP for a max level player. These numbers are subject to change based on testing.[254]
  • Death penalties (mostly) do not apply to objective-based PvP (also called sanctioned events).[255][256][257][258]
    There will not be death penalties applied to event-based deaths. The penalties are in the outcome of the event. So your number of deaths is likely going to impact your ability to win that particular event and that's going to be the penalty. This is it to encourage players to opt in to the events right because the more participation we have the more fun it can be; and we understand that the community at large- there's already a risk versus reward component to these events. We don't need to stack on additional risk versus reward to inhibit kind of- to increase the barrier to entry for players who may not be as interested.[258]Steven Sharif
  • Death penalties do not differ between Pvp and PvE, but this is subject to change.[259]

Death by falling is possible.[260]

  • Fall damage that occurs while mounted will be first applied to the mount; and if the mount dies as a result, then the remaining damage may overflow onto the player, but this will be determined based on testing.[260]

Death by drowning is possible.[261][262]

  • Players that drown will respawn on shore.[261]

If a player dies there will be a period of time before their mule despawns. Other players must kill that player's mule to be able to loot it.[244]

Players do not lose gold upon death, no matter their corruption level.[263]

At the moment, the plan is for players to not lose gold upon death, no matter their corruption level.[263]Cody Peterson

Combate montado

Certas mounts terão combat abilities.[264][265][266]

Montarias terão uma variedade de habilidades efetivas para PVP, algumas viáveis em encontros de larga escala quando organizadas corretamente.[267]Steven Sharif
  • Montarias terão habilidades de combate baseadas na sua linhagem e raridade. Haverá também algum RNG (randomização) nas habilidades de montaria.[268]
    • Investir em direção a oponentes (para derrubá-los).[268]
    • Habilidades de criar uma lance enquanto montado foram discutidas como uma ideia de design potencial.[268]
    • Específicos weapons systems podem existir em diferentes pontos nos group mounts.[269]

Montarias podem ser killed por jogadores, mas podem ser ressucitadas após um certo período de cooldown(tempo de recarga).[270][271][272]

  • Potions obtidas através da profissão de Alchemy podem ser usadas para reduzir o tempo de recarga.[270][273][271]
  • Montarias que morrerem um certo número de vezes dentro de um mesmo período de tempo podem receber um debuff que requer um componente material diferente para auxiliar na ressureição.[273]
  • Dano de queda que ocorre enquanto montado será primeiro aplicado à montaria; se a montaria morrer como resultado, o dano extra será aplicado ao jogador, mas isto será determinado baseado em testes.[260]

Montarias podem ser alvejadas separadamente do jogador enquanto montado.[271]

  • Se um jogador dies haverá um período de tempo antes que sua mule desapareça. Outros jogadores podem matar a mula daquele jogador para serem capaz de loot seu conteúdo.[244]
  • Se a mula de um jogador dies seu corpo conterá uma porcentagem do lootable items assim como o jogador.[244][245]

Habilidades de montaria e stats

Noble Warhorn Sprint mount ability.[274]

All mounts will have certain types of abilities: Whether those abilities are utility, or sprint, or some type of combat charge through that knocks down players or something. It just depends on the type of mount and the skills associated with that mount. That's also one component of the animal husbandry system is in creating these mounts you can have unique skill sets associated with them that obviously creates an economy for mount types and and puts some relevancy on the profession of animal husbandry to present unique mounts.[129]Steven Sharif

Montarias tem diferentes abilities, utility skills and stats básicas, que são baseadas na rarity da montaria e na sua classe (tier).[270][275][129][276]

  • Habilidades de montaria podem oferecer tanto ganhos verticais quanto horizontais de poder.[270]
Montarias de classe 1 (terrestres) terão certos tipos de habilidade que são únicas à classe 1, enquanto que montarias de classe 2 (planantes/puladoras) terão habilidades que são únicas à classe 2. Em alguns casos serão ganhos horizontais; em outros casos serão ganhos verticais de poder. Então apenas depende da situação. É um elemento situacional.[270]Steven Sharif
  • Baseado na habilidade escolhida, montarias podem ser usadas como veículos de iniciação, veículos de fuga, veículos de utilidade, e veículos de viagem.[277][278]
    • Habilidades de pulo.[277]
    • Capacidades ligadas a terrenos específicos.[277]
    • Habilidades de planar.[277]
Montarias tem obviamente várias diferentes aplicações e isso é algo que revelará sua identidade quando houver uma seleção de habilidades ligada a ela. Tipo você- você é mais agressivo ao iniciar combates com sua montaria? Ok, bem, você preferirá aquelas que são capazes de dar uma investida e causar algum tipo de CC (controle de grupo) em jogadores à sua frente. Você é mais do tipo de usar sua montaria para desviar e evitar diferentes tipos de problemas? Bom, então você provavelmente preferirá algum tipo de invulnerabilidade ou algum tipo de habilidade protetiva que você possa ativar em certos momentos. Você vai ser mais do tipo viajante e focar em alguma forma de velocidade para sua montaria, ir ao redor do mundo e não se importar com aspectos de combate montado? Então você preferirá uma habilidade da montaria que reflita isso.[278]Steven Sharif
  • Montarias terão velocidades variadas.[280]
Há definitivamente uma dificuldade de uma perspectiva de balanceamento obviamente na questão do design quando você está tendo que incorporar velocidades que não são tão radicalmente diferentes da velocidade de movimento normal do jogador; e montarias são obviamente um significantemente mais rápido componente. Mas é por isso que você constrói um conjunto de habilidades em que os jogadores veem obviamente alguns tipos, por exemplo, de controle de grupo que poderiam ser tanto, como falamos anteriormente, derrubar outro jogador de suas montarias, matá-los com dano massivo, ou estontear o jogador alvo. Esses são os componentes que são levados em conta quando balanceamos a escolha de habilidades.[278]Steven Sharif
  • Um jogador pode desmontar e deixar sua montaria o seguindo.[129][271]

Habilidades dos Dragões

Dragões são épicas mounts voadoras com poderosas habilidades de batalha, tal como ataques de baforada em AoE (área de efeito), ataques de voo rasante, e outros.[281][282]

Os dragões terão muitas capacidades em PvP. Esse é seu propósito primário, já que eles se relacionam aos Castelos e os cercos nestes, ou Nodes e os cercos nestes. Queremos que os dragões tenham ramificações em larga escala contra invasões de jogadores.[282]Steven Sharif

Pets de combate

Pets de combate (também referidos como Pets de itens ou Pets de combate universal) podem ser adquiridos por qualquer arquétipo.[283]

  • Pets de combate possuem uma progressão horizontal, não vertical. Diferente das Invocações dos invocadores, pets de combate não elevam o poder de um jogador necessariamente, ao em vez disso requerem um sacrifício do jogador.[283][284][285]
  • Pets de combate podem ser domados através de certas criaturas no mundo.[286]
  • Pets de combate são categorizados por classe e irão aderir a uma simples estrutura de trindade (Tank/DPS/Suporte).[284]
  • Pets de combate também serão categorizados em diferentes raridades.[284]
  • Pets de combate não poderão ser invocados em certas masmorras, instancias ou outros espaços.[278]

O pet participará em combate. Ele permitirá a você diferentes opções às vezes, mas não será necessariamente um aumento de poder para seu personagem e... você sacrificará algo por isto.[285]Jeffrey Bard

Combate naval

Tea transport PAX East 2018 exclusive cosmetic ship skin.[287]

Sailing will be pretty in-depth and it's going to be based on the size of the ship that you're using. So there will be components for seamanship that other players you will need to have on board if you want to operate a vessel to the best of it's abilities: Let's say in combat or traversing just the world.[288]Steven Sharif

Navios are owned by the player who has the ship item in their inventory. Only that player can summon the ship.[289]

  • Ship creation is generally delegated to players. There won't be many non-player-owned ships.[290]
    • Quest lines may have NPC driven ships.[290]
    • NPC ships will be present on the ocean that are adversaries or monsters that will be targets for players to try to raid or hunt for treasure.[290]
For the most part all ship creation will be delegated to the player. You have to build up a ship or find somebody who has one if you want to get across the seas.[290]Steven Sharif
  • There won't be mechanics for players to hire NPCs to carry out tasks on ships.[291]
  • Permissions will be present to allow other players to access ship functions who are in the same party or raid, such as weapons, anchors, utility items, and the ship's helm to navigate the ship.[289]
  • Players will have quests that navigate them toward creating a personal vessel at around level 10-15.[292]
Alpha-2 Negalith naval raid boss.[293]

This is one of the Alpha-2 raid bosses that are going to be in the ocean. That'll be interesting when you come across that, what might happen. Good luck. We should have added a scale there because yeah, it's a big boy. The number of ships needed for that one's going to be a lot.[293]Steven Sharif

Combate naval involves different types of Navios with varying capabilities, armaments and roles to play out on the high seas. There will be a balance and counterbalance between ships from Pvp and PvE perspectives.[293][294]

Battles at sea will be epic. They will have some supreme rewards and/or losses if the battle succeeds or fails.[299]Steven Sharif
Q: Will there be a way to produce enough experience for a node for those who want to spend the majority of their time on the open seas?
A: The open seas have have a good amount of content; and that content when completed will give its contribution to a nearby node; and that is something that people who live on the sea, or desire to live on the sea, will be able to um contribute in a way.[301]Steven Sharif

Addons/ DPS meters

Addons, DPS meters, and threat meters will not be supported.[302][303][304]

My decision is not to allow DPS meters nor add-ons. I feel we have adequate measures in place to prevent a majority of potential third party trackers. I know this subject has passionate voices on both sides and I respect the various opinions and positions many of you have expressed.[303]Steven Sharif
  • The developers do not want addons/mods to be necessary to experience the game.[305]
  • The developers believe that DPS meters (parsers) can cause toxicity and other negative behaviors.[302][306][304]
What role DPS meters provide in online communities that I've noticed in the past my experiences: they can be a bit toxic, they can be a bit exclusionary; and that's why we don't want the DPS meters.[302]Steven Sharif
  • Threat meters will also not be present in the game. There will instead be visual in-game queues to indicate threat.[302]
Meters in my opinion are a removal from the the game immersion; and what I mean by that isn't necessarily even the fact that having the meter takes you out of the game per-se, but it is- there's a lot of diegetic approach that you can take that doesn't rely on UI elements like a meter to indicate how you should do a thing; and when you're not utilizing those types of meters you can do different types of strategies and encounter design. You can have things that can be more subtle and aren't going to be immediately given away by a meter indicating something; and that's the type of gameplay that we think that I believe we want to emphasize; and for that reason, we're not going to be including threat meters. What we will be including however are animation indicators. We're going to be including ability indicators to show the tank "hey I might be losing aggro here." I'm observing in the world these immersive elements that are not tied to any specific type of UI, but indicate to me that this monster might be moving off to attack somebody else in a very immediate future; and now I should be using the abilities that I'm saving to regain that aggro, or to lock them down with a taunt or something. That to me is a bit more representative of the type of gameplay we want to to bring in our encounter design.[302]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngAlgumas das informações a seguir não foram confirmadas recentemente pelos desenvolvedores e podem não estar no roteiro de desenvolvimento atual.
  • There will be integrations available for streaming services such as Twitch and a few other services, but it's not something that will be exposed through an API just yet.[307]
  • The design of the game API is still under consideration.[308]

Combat logs

There are combat logs in Ashes of Creation.[309]

We will be providing combat data for individual players in their chat window, that players can filter and analyze for themselves. The goal is to mitigate and make the practice less prevalent through the ease that DPS meters provide. Also to place actionable enforcement for players who attempt to circumvent the decision by use of 3rd party programs, for which we will be monitoring.[310]Steven Sharif

Floating combat text

Alpha-2 Floating combat text work-in-progress UI.[311]

Damage you take, which is indicated in this red number, floats towards your left-hand side; and when you do damage to a target they float to your right-hand side. Now one of the very important aspects of these floating texts is providing the player with customization options that they can adjust the size of the floating text. They can adjust the color composition on how these texts are represented. They can also include damage icons to indicate the ability that's used for those floating texts; and importantly we also call out the crits that you do in a separate way: how they pop in they're slightly above the other number; and then more so, we also have additional functionality for cumulative damage.[311]Steven Sharif

Floating combat text shows damage taken, damage dealt, cumulative damage, crits, heals, XP gained, and other important combat indicators.[311]

  • Damage taken appears in red and floats to the left.[311]
  • Damage dealt appears in yellow and floats to the right.[311]
  • Crits appear larger and are slightly above the other numbers.[311]
  • XP appears in white and is slightly lower on the UI.[311]

Floating combat text is able to be customized by the player.[311][312]

Providing maximum flexibility and player customization options for these floating texts I think is super important.[311]Steven Sharif


Não há facções pré-definidas no Ashes of Creation.[313]

Apresentamos ao jogador esses eventos de fricção suave e depois isso determina quem são seus amigos e seus inimigos.[314]Steven Sharif

Como não temos um sistema de facções, você quer conceder ao usuário a capacidade de fazer coisas que são "más" ou "boas", então tem que haver uma infinidade de escolhas no lado mau para que eles possam participar.[315]Steven Sharif


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